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There will be no red flag tossed onto the ice. There will be no white towel waving from the blade of a stick,Cheap NFL Jerseys free shipping a la Roger Nielson. We're not going to do something fancy like throwing a flag or setting off fireworks, said NHL commissioner Gary Bettman.But if the competition committee and the board of governors approve the recommendation the general managers made Tuesday, the NHL will have a coach's challenge for the first time next season.It will be available in two instances: goaltender interference on scoring plays and delay-of-game calls when the puck goes over the glass.In the case of goalie interference, the challenge will cover only goals and non-goals, not penalties. It will be based on contact with the goaltender, not crease presence. The referees will still use their judgment and make the final call,Cheap NFL Jerseys from china Cheap Jerseys from china but they will look at video replays and talk to the hockey operations department in Toronto.In the case of delay-of-game calls, a challenge can only remove a penalty, not call one. The hockey ops department will overturn a penalty call if video replays are conclusive.A coach can challenge a call only if he has a timeout available. If successful,Cheap Jerseys online he keeps his timeout and can challenge again. If not, he loses his timeout. Reviews will be automatic in overtime.(There is still some discussion about allowing a challenge in the final minute of regulation if a coach has used his timeout for strategic reasons.)Using video review to judge goaltender interference is a major shift for the NHL for two reasons: