Latest Version: Lytebox v5.5
Initial Launch Date: 11/13/2006
Latest Release Date: 01/26/2012  (Release History)


Lytebox is a lightweight, cross-browser compatible and mobile friendly Javascript library and content viewer. It's easy to use, it's fast, it's compatible with other libraries, and best of all, it's COMPLETELY FREE.

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For examples of the new and improved Lytebox in action, select an image from one of the following display types:

Single Image
Grouped Images
Orion Nebula #1 Orion Nebula #2 Orion Nebula #3
Slideshow (Lyteshow feature)
Jupiter with one of its moons, Io The Milky Way The Pleiades

Area Maps
Area Maps The Milky Way Orion Nebula Orion Nebula The Pleiades

HTML Content (Lyteframe feature)

Opening paragraph, with some bolded text.

The Pleiads Star Cluster:
The Pleiads

Embedded Media (Lyteframe feature)
Tooltips (Lytetip feature)

The CLASSIC tooltip, the HELP tooltip, the INFO tooltip, the WARNING tooltip, and the ERROR tooltip.

Library Functions (NEW! Click function name for a demonstration.)
  • $lb.ajax() – Supports Ajax GET and POST requests with data serialization.
  • $lb.capitalize() – Capitalizes the first letter of each word in a string.
  • $lb.fadeIn() – Fade in an element (appear).
  • $lb.fadeOut() – Fade out an element (disappear).
  • $lb.isMobile() – Determines if client is browsing from a mobile device.
  • $lb.serialize() – Creates a URL-encoded text string of name=value pairs from a given form.
  • $lb.stripTags() – Strips HTML tags from from a string or form element.
  • $lb.validate() – Validates an incoming string based on type (email, zip, etc.).
  • ... and more! Click HERE for a full listing of library functions.